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Date Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2012

We are glad to help out those Filipinos Living in South Korea who may be able to win Lottery by playing smart and cautious. We are very proud that we will be able to bring you the best analysis and tips to all of you there. With our linkage with SK Pinoy, you can win big time.

There is only one Number Lotto Game in South Korea. It is called 6/45 Nanum Lotto. It is played every Saturday at 8:45pm South Korean Time.

Here is how to play:

1. Go to the designated lotto outlet and shade / select 6 numbers numbers from 1 to 45.

2. A set of 6 numbers costs 1,000 won (1 US$)

3. Wait for the draw date every Saturday at 8:45pm.

4. Win as much as 18 Billion won or 15 Million US$ or almost 700Million Philippine Pesos


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South Korea 6/45 Nanum Lotto Prizes

The 6/45 Nanum Lotto Draw is every Saturday at 8:45pm

7 balls are drawn. The first 6 balls are for the jackpot and 1 bonus ball. So here is how you are going to win!

1st Prize: 6 Numbers - Jackpot
12-18 Billion Won (Around 12-18 Million US$)

2nd Prize: 5 Numbers + Bonus Number
40-80 Million Won (Around 40,000-80,000 US$)

3rd Prize: 5 Numbers
1.5 Million Won (Around 1,500 US$)

4th Prize: 4 Numbers
50,000 Won (Around 50 US$)

5th Prize: 3 Numbers
5,000 Won (Around 5 US$)


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